Choosing Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Service


For the water in your private pool to have an optimal state for use, it is necessary to have a good filtering system. It is essential to have a professional advice on which is the best filter, check the pH, etc.

The task of attending to the state of the water in the pool of your house can be cumbersome, it can even be a nuisance to be aware of everything that entails that is why from swimming pool services, they offer, both for private and holiday homes, for carry out regular maintenance.

Factors to take into account for proper maintenance in swimming pools

There are 4 fundamental issues, each of them important to the other, since it is a set of factors that must be taken into account so that the water in your pool is in optimal condition.

Filtering frequency. Depending on the cubic meters of the pool in question, the frequency will vary, since for very large pools, you have to be very regular, otherwise the filtering system may be damaged. If there are many particles in the water, the filter system will work much harder and its performance will be affected over time.

Cleaning the filters. As it is been discussed in the previous point, the frequency of cleaning and the type of impurities that pass through the filter can damage it, so a series of steps must be followed to make a correct cleaning. The life of the filter bed and sand depends on this cleaning.

Water parameters. Chlorine and PH are two fundamental factors for the use of your private pool, since if they are not correctly leveled, they can cause problems in the users of said pool. Checking the chlorine and PH levels can be done manually, but it is quite cumbersome. At swimming pool services, they have dosing systems that automatically regulate the fundamental parameters.

Anti-algae treatment. This is perhaps the subject that is least repaired but it is one of the most important. The algae are harmful to the water in your swimming pool and to the users, so its correct treatment is essential.

What tasks should you perform daily?

  1. Clean the water from leaves, insects and other suspended particles.
  2. Analyze the pH values and adjust them between 7.2 and 7.6 if necessary. If an automatic regulation and control system is used, adjust it to maintain this pH level.
  3. Analyze the levels of free residual chlorine and adjust the values between 0.5 ppm and 2 ppm. If product dispensers are used, adjust them to maintain these disinfectant levels.

What operations should you carry out weekly?

  1. Check bottom sumps, skimmer baskets and overflow channel.
  2. Clean the pump pre-filter to prevent dirt from accumulating and reducing its performance.
  3. Check the filter pressure and carry out the sand washing operation. This process is essential to keep the filter medium in good condition and obtain high filtering efficiency.
  4. Wash the walls and pool bottom making use of automatic or manual cleaning equipment.
  5. Add the maintenance dose of the anti-algae product when necessary.
  6. Replace the trichlor compacts of the skimmers or disinfectant dosing equipment.
  7. Check the levels of pH regulator, disinfectant and flocculant in the case of automatic dosing of chemical products.

Having a pool perfectly prepared for a dip at any time, takes regular work. At swimming pool services, they offer the regular maintenance service according to use, so that you can take care of everything and your pool, both private and vacation home, is always ready for a quality bath.