Fill Your Sweet Tooth With A Sweet Jar


Want an original gift for your brother’s birthday? Or are you looking for a gift for your best friend, something that makes her think of you every day? How about a plastic jar, filled with 1.8kg of all kinds of liquorice and personalized by you? It is also a perfect gift if you or your children are invited to a birthday party. Attention that will delight gourmets, all the more so by adding a photo of a memory shared together. You can even add a message, it’s easy and free.

How to personalize the candy box?

Choose the assortment of your choice, select your favorite photo and think of a thoughtful message. The candy box is plastic and the personalization is done thanks to two stickers, printed in high definition and affixed to each side of it. Create a unique and original gift now to make the recipient smile. Good news, expert teams have designed for you beautiful colorful designs, which will accompany you in the making of your personalized sweet jar. Start now!

Do you want to turn it into a corporate gift? For any large order, please contact the sales department who will be happy to assist and guide you.

These plastic candy bar jars are 100% recyclable and reusable, and therefore perfect for decorating sweet party tables or candy bars because they are very light and unbreakable. You can also combine them with bowls, bonbon nets or plastic bowls.

Sweet jar

They have an exceptional level of transparency, similar to glass. Its resistance and quality are excellent, which minimizes the risk of damage. Perfect to use in events where there are children.

They include blackboard labels so you can write and erase on them. Suitable to contain food. Reuse these plastic jars in the kitchen to store pasta, legumes, rice or cookies or use it as gift packaging.

The plastic candy bar jars are available in 7 sizes and models.

Little ones:

  • 380ml circular jar (height 14cm – 7.5cm diameter)
  • 1L square jar (height 20cm – 8.5 × 8.5cm width)
  • 650ml spherical jar (vertical height 15 cm -10.5 × 7.5 cm width)
  • 500ml circular jar (height 17cm – 7.5cm diameter)


  • 5L square jar (height 26cm, 13.5cmx11cm width)
  • 7L circular jar (height 22cm Diameter bottom 10.5cm, top 11.5cm)
  • 2L spherical jar (height 24 cm vertically -15 × 15.5 cm wide)

It is not advisable to clean with very hot water, do not wash in the dishwasher or fill them with very hot products. Glass candy jar with lid and in which it can be personalized by engraving the names and the date. It is perfect to put on the table of sweets and then you can put it in any corner of the house to decorate with some dried flowers or fill it with sweets. Anyway, it will be a nice memory of a very special day.

The decor at a wedding is one of the things that you must work more, because small details that will make your wedding day a unique and special moment. Do not hesitate to put love in the decoration of your wedding, because with this you will make this day as special for your guests as it is for you.